lukewarm, half-hearted:

lukewarm, half-hearted:
the lull of the cobweb painting,
squirming against my eyes, there,
huddled against itself in the corner;

the threatening, faded, rush of rain,
protectorate of solitary music–
for what is tickled by oncoming summer
as well stirs pale on the window;

the core of the earth too, perhaps,
as vouched by birds
which deem it worth the wind
to bequeath their hearts for its glow;

except the unshakable murmur
of a metropolitan rush hour,
yet of a civilization coming home as well:
which palliates but little

the lukewarm, half-hearted pillow,
on whose face the weight of dreams
are traced in shadows and impressions cast
arbitrary by the moon wearing black.

and having thus clenched secret
her smile of bored knowing, while i,
in the meantime, having thus slept,
lukewarm, half-hearted suffices, is.


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