100 Days of Narra

Glasgow, 2009/2010

Jacq and I would like to thank Gail for our new 50 mm.

Day 3. Alison and James pay a visit.

Day 4. “… A series of clicking sounds is played into your baby’s ears… A computer measures how well your baby’s ears respond to sound.”

With Midwife Hazel.

“A bili light is a phototherapy tool to treat newborn jaundice…”

Day 5. Queen Mother’s Hospital.

With Midwife Anne.

Day 6. Going home.

Day 8. Some very important pointers from Joanna.

Day 9. Kristoff meets Narra.

Day 10. Louie, Lani and Grace visit. Louie and Lani have brought lunch from the distant land of St. Andrews.

Day 13. A new boiler.

Day 14. Nadia is our health visitor.

Being weighed by Ellen.

Day 17. Every bath is interesting.

Day 20. After Jacq’s visit to their lab.

Day 21. With Dave.

Day 24. Christmastime.

Day 26. Biko.

Day 29. Baptised by Fr. John.

Day 33. Sleeping to the relaxing sound of Rage Against the Machine.

Day 35. With Robyn and Kristoff on New Year’s Eve.

Day 41. Fr. John and Sr. Karen pay a visit.

Day 42. Ashton Lane.

Day 51. Partick station.

With Arran, Aline, Richard and Alison.

Alasdair “gives it a go”.

Day 60. Two hours of crying by one-third of the population is certain to induce panic in the remaining two-thirds.


Day 69. Lani, Maria and Fiona visit.

Day 73. A cellular phone gives ample light for breastfeeding at night.

Day 77. Portrait with Don McCullin.

Day 82. Connie.

Day 88. A new kitchen.

Day 89. “Take me to your leader.”

A busy day.

Day 100. “… and large out-of-town supermarkets and hypermarkets… have been steadily sapping the trade from smaller stores.”

Going home.

Here’s hoping we’re ready for the days ahead.

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